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We are a nonprofit organization that uses basketball as a means to improve communities.


Buckets & Borders was established in 2015 by Justin and Brendan Lee as an initiative to document basketball culture around the world through photography and journalism. Today, we are a team that uses basketball to improve communities and bring people together.

Over the past 8 years we’ve travelled to over thirty countries, playing streetball in every one of them. Our experiences have taught us that basketball is something that brings people together no matter peoples race, language, religion, ability, gender or age. Basketball is for everyone.

We’re a group of friends who grew up loving basketball in Regina's south side and want to give back to our community through a sport that has done so much for us. Our volunteer team is lead by a group of friends and community leaders with a passion for hoops.


We’ve used our experiences as inspiration to transform Buckets & Borders into a nonprofit organization that completes volunteer projects that make an impact.

We believe that having access to good outdoor courts has real community impact, which is why our first major project is to revitalize a landmark in Regina’s Lakeview community. To learn more about our current projects, click the "Projects” tab.

Our Partners 

Our community partners are the all-stars that have laid down the foundation for this project. They are the individuals and organizations that are always ready to jump into the game and lend a helping hand. They’re the engine and the heart of this project—without them, it would not exist.

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