Buckets & Borders was established in 2015 as a project to document basketball culture around the world.

Through the avenue of photography, videography, journalism, and playing street ball, our mission was, and continues to be, to experience the diverse courts and affiliated cultures around the world. Our experiences have taught us that basketball is something that brings us together.

We’ve grown into a community of friends, content creators, volunteers, and supporters that collectively share a deep love for the game and the belief that basketball is something that unites us.


Buckets & Borders officially incorporated as a charitable non profit organization in 2020 with the mandate to refurbish and build basketball courts, provide youth resources, tell impactful stories, and strategically grow basketball across Canada and beyond.

Our purpose is to improve communities and bring people together through basketball.

Court Building

Building, restoring, and beautifying outdoor basketball courts.


Telling the stories of the courts and people of the world through photography and documentaries.

Community Building

Executing initiatives that engage local communities to make the greatest long term impact.