Partnership opportunities

As a non-profit organization & agency, we proudly work with world class brands to drive community impact, and create brand ROI while we do it.

In collaborative fashion, we work alongside our clients, sponsors, and  partners to strategically engage communities, restore outdoor basketball courts, produce and tell impactful stories, and enable communities to thrive through sport.

Building, restoring, and beautifying outdoor basketball courts.

Overseeing full project scope as general contractor/project manager, site locating and review, permitting, administration and execution.

Creating impactful content that tells the basketball stories of the courts, people and brands of the world.

Content creation (Photography, short and long form video, documentary productions, branded content.

Strategically executing initiatives that engage local communities to make the greatest long term impact.

Working with local artists, executing community & youth engagement strategies, hosting information and brainstorming sessions, surveying communities, providing volunteer opportunities, planning events with local individuals and groups, working alongside local administration and government.

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We believe in creating spaces for our Indigenous youth to be proud of. Basketball serves as an outlet for our youth to become active and develop team and leadership skills. We can’t say enough about the Buckets and Borders team for giving our youth the opportunity to take ownership in this project!

Tribal Chief, Jeremy Fourhorns, of the File Hill’s Qu’Appelle Tribal Council

We strongly value, and actively look for ways to improve our communities and contribute to Indigenous youth development. Our goal is to allow our communities access to as many programs, activities and opportunities as we can. We applaud Buckets and Borders for their outstanding work in community improvement.

Thomas Benjoe, Partner, OneHoop

Mosaic is proud to work with Buckets & Borders as they continue their work building communities through basketball.

Sarah Fedorchuk, Vice President Government & Public Affairs, North America.

Our children’s ability to play, have fun and enjoy each other has never been more important in this post covid world. Buckets & Borders delivers that for the Regina community in spades and we are proud to be partners.

Trevor Boquist, CEO, Driving Change Automotive Group

Having an accessible, beautiful and inclusive space for sport will increase physical activity, encourage new friendships and confidence. I hope to see more girls and women see these courts as a place where they are welcome to hone their skills and have some fun. It’s all about making our communities a better place to live and I applaud the Buckets & Borders team for investing in these projects and giving Regina residents another opportunity to enjoy a sport that many of us love!

Phoebe DeCiman, Buckets & Borders Board Member, Cougar Alumni

Canada Basketball is beyond thrilled to begin activating through our UNIFIED Partnership with “Buckets & Borders”, to unify Canada as a basketball nation. CB and B&B are excited to team up to restore the St. John Park court and uncover and share unique stories about the Winnipeg basketball community which celebrate the power that basketball has to unite us all coast-to-coast.

Michael Bartlett, CEO, Canada Basketball

I am filled with gratitude to grow the game of women's basketball in Canada alongside B&B, and working with the DMC community that embodies the love for the game. The B&B Team and DMC community welcomed my creativity with open arms, and seeing the impact Buckets & Borders has made in other communities and experiencing it firsthand has been the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

Fiorella Granda, Artist

The way B & B works to become a part of the community goes beyond the role of an agency to implement a project, they work to become a part of the community and walk hand in hand with community members and local youth to actualize the community’s vision. Their expertise, enthusiasm, and passion for basketball and sports as a tool to catalyze and bring community together is nothing short of amazing!

Samuel Maloney-Lee, Toronto Community Housing

Enormous gratitude to B & B's exceptional leadership. Their remarkable coordination with diverse stakeholders resulted in a stunning court that reflects and involves the community—an achievement done with grace and patience.

City of Toronto


Our community partners are the all-stars that have laid down the foundation for our various projects and initiatives. They are the individuals and organizations that are always ready to jump into the game and lend a helping hand.