Proyecto Del Sol

Buckets & Borders launched its first international project, “Proyecto Plaza del Sol”  in 2022, with the goal of restoring the outdoor court in San Pancho in 2024.

Starting in 2022, the B&B team worked closely with local youth and community members to design the artwork for the basketball court.

Torneo del sol

In 2023 10 teams from across Nayarit and Jalisco attended the first Torneo del Sol with all proceeds going  towards the restoration of the court in 2024.

In 2024 the court was officially restored and celebrated with the 2nd Torneo del Sol and grand opening.

Cancha del sol

In March 2024, alongside the San Pancho community, the Cancha del Sol was officially restored.

Buckets & Borders proudly partnered with Sherwin-Williams Mexico and Legado Innvictus to complete this project.