Introducing “The Square” in Halifax’s North End
The Square

In summer 2024, Buckets & Borders and Canada Basketball, in collaboration with the Regional Municipality of Halifax and local community leaders are launching an initiative founded on the principles of unity and bringing people together through basketball.

As part of the project three basketball courts located in the Uniacke Square community in Halifax’s North End will be fully restored. The project includes new asphalt, standards, rims, backboards, and full on-court murals that will be designed in collaboration with a local artist and youth group. The youth group has been formed and will play an integral role in the entirety of the project.

Uniacke Square

The objective of the project is to celebrate the neighborhood's rich history as a unified community with a deep love for basketball, and use the restored basketball courts as a platform for the continued growth of the game in Halifax.

“Being an historically known African Nova Scotian community, close-knit bonds and deep basketball roots is what the community surrounding Uniacke Square is known for. With organizations like the Community YMCA, and Africville Lakers, basketball has long unified the community, bringing everyone together and reinforcing our rich history.” - Councillor Lindell Smith 

"Basketball is like glue for our community; it holds and brings everyone together. It helps youth build lifelong friendships, teaches important life lessons, and fosters leadership. The sport not only brings out the community but also strengthens it." - Trayvone Clayton, Community Leader