B&B Collectives

Our list of projects and initiatives is always growing and we always welcome volunteers and collectives to join the Buckets & Borders team.

B&B Collectives are location-specific volunteer community groups that help create & support local Buckets & Borders projects within their city/region. 

B&B works closely with collectives to identify, support and execute on projects that fulfill the B&B mandate to improve communities and bring people together through basketball.

If you’re interested in creating, or joining an existing collective, contact us today!

Buckets & Borders proudly works with numerous volunteers on various different projects. If you’re interested in volunteering, or have general questions about how to support our organization, please contact us via email at hello@bucketsandborders.com or DM us on Instagram.


Our community partners are the all-stars that have laid down the foundation for our various projects and initiatives. They are the individuals and organizations that are always ready to jump into the game and lend a helping hand.