Basketball is deeply ingrained in the Regina Lakeview community. The outdoor basketball courts at Sheldon Williams Collegiate are an icon in Regina’s south side and have been the platform for many kids to work on their game, make it to the next level or just have fun.

These courts have become unkempt with cracked asphalt, uneven surfaces and torn meshes. We plan to change this by connecting art and basketball. This initiative will rebuild and restore the entire outdoor facility and turn the area into more than just community basketball courts, but a canvas—art in motion.


Our vision is to create an unforgettable court that will become a landmark in Regina and an icon for the basketball community across the prairies and Canada. The court will be accessible to the entire Regina community and be used to increase youth’s access to basketball. The project will include:

- New asphalt
- New and refurbished lights
- Multi coloured mural across both courts
- Regulation basketball lines
- Refurbished nets
- New benches
- New chain linked fencing

Lakeview Project is to be completed in Spring/Summer 2021.


Our community partners are the all-stars that have laid down the foundation for our various projects and initiatives. They are the individuals and organizations that are always ready to jump into the game and lend a helping hand.